Hospital Boxes are a must for every serious bird breeder as the name implies.

That is exactly what they are – a safe warm environment for any bird that may be sick, stressed or quarantined for whatever reason, providing an area where they can be observed, treated and nursed back to health. They are very effective on egg bound hens.

Hospital boxes are constructed from ply with a Perspex screen on the front and easy to clean trays. Heat is applied via 15 w to 40 w 240v normal globes, with temperature monitoring via a thermometer or add a thermostat and control the temperature more accurately. Plus 1 or mins 1 of your selected temp.  NOTE – Globes, thermometer and thermostats are not included.

IMG_0467 (7)      Hospital Box only $80.00 (includes slide out tray and electrical wiring)
                                                            400 high x 300 wide x 200 deep
                                          Any further questions please contact Barry Barker on 0402 251 853