Come in two standard sizes – small and medium, include J-Bracket for mounting. Any size can be made to suit your needs. They accommodate a generous amount of seed and are easily removed for cleaning. Made from 0.6mm galvanised sheet metal.

Seed bins are designed to save seed, money and limited mess.


SB1 – $35 each                                                                       SB2 – $28 each

width 300mm / back height 200mm                               width 200mm / back height 200mm

front 90mm / depth 190mm                                              front 90mm / depth 190mm

SB1 front  IMG_0714


IMG_0712  IMG_0711


IMG_0506 IMG_0507


Once Installed……..

IMG_0670   IMG_0669   IMG_0668


IMG_0665   IMG_0666